Our Initiatives

  • 1. Promoting responsible online surfing.
    We support and fund campaigns aimed at implementing programs that teach responsible digital use, providing alternatives to addictive behavior for young people and promoting a healthy relationship with technology as a source of new knowledge and lifelong learning.
  • 2. Advocacy for measures and policies based on balanced gaming and digital interaction.
    Our advocacy efforts aim to shape policies that protect people from harmful gaming and gambling practices. We provide our expertise to develop adequate legislative provisions.
  • 3. Support for individuals and communities.
    Believing in the power of communities, we create a platform within the digital space where people can connect, share their experiences, and mutually support each other on their journey to recovery from online and gambling addictions.
  • 4. Responsible Gaming Technology.
    We use technology to promote responsible gaming. By implementing features in digital platforms that encourage self-control, we empower users to make informed choices while safeguarding them.
  • 5. Mental health and well-being.
    Mental health is a key component of recovering from addiction. We provide awareness and information about mental health and act as a mediator with institutions that can assist with mental health issues related to addiction.
  • 6. International Collaboration.
    Our foundation collaborates with international partners and organizations to address addiction on a global scale. Together, we work to create a safer and healthier gaming environment.
  • 7. Scientific Research and Innovation.
    We support innovative projects and research focused on the prevention and treatment of addiction, stimulating progress in the field and exploring new ways to combat addiction.