Our mission is to raise awareness of responsible gaming behaviour; to work for active prevention of potentially harmful consequences among the users of gambling services and to provide assistance in case of a problem. Developing and implementing good practices through an integrated and well-managed program are the values we believe are at the heart of success.

The Foundation will work to achieve its goals by:
    • Organizing and conducting information campaigns among the public and participants in games to build a responsible attitude towards betting and prevent the development of addiction;
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The main goals we have set include:

Informing the public

Prevention by informing the public about the risks of developing unreasonable gambling behaviour.

Protecting young people

Protecting young people and groups of consumers from the risk of developing a gambling addiction.

Responsible attitude

Construction of a responsible attitude towards the game among the mass consumers of gaming services.

Collaboration with psychologists

Collaboration with psychologists and therapists in the treatment of gambling addiction.

Responsible advertising

Promoting socially responsible policies and practices among game organizers and conducting responsible advertising and marketing in the industry.

Gambling culture

Increasing the gambling culture of citizens.

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