Through targeted actions and a wide range of initiatives, we are committed to preventing the adverse consequences of excessive gaming or digital engagement in all its dimensions. Our activities include education, awareness, support, all aimed at promoting a balanced and responsible approach to games and digital interaction. With the support of accomplished talents in sports, science, culture, and the arts, we aim to showcase positive role models for youth to emulate.
We strive to create an opportunity for informed choice by encouraging mental health and harmonious relationships between users and technology. By taking these proactive measures, we work to build an environment where games and digital devices are sources of pleasure, enrichment, and personal growth, rather than unlocking factors for addiction.

The Foundation will work to achieve its goals by:

Organizing and conducting information campaigns among the public and participants in games to build a responsible attitude towards betting and prevent the development of addiction;

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The main goals we have set include:

Informing the public

Prevention by informing the public about the risks of developing unreasonable gambling behaviour.

Protecting young people

Protecting young people and groups of consumers from the risk of developing a gambling addiction.

Responsible attitude

Construction of a responsible attitude towards the game among the mass consumers of gaming services.

Collaboration with psychologists

Collaboration with psychologists and therapists in the treatment of gambling addiction.

Responsible advertising

Promoting socially responsible policies and practices among game organizers and conducting responsible advertising and marketing in the industry.

Gambling culture

Increasing the gambling culture of citizens.

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