The Bulgarian Trade Association of Manufacturers and Organizers of the Gaming Industry (BTAMOGI) is the first association uniting manufacturers, importers and distributors of gaming equipment, service organizations, and organizers of gambling. Members of BTAMOGI are companies with over 15 years of experience in the gaming industry in the country and abroad. Since January 2022 BTAMOGI has been renamed to the Association of the Gaming Industry in Bulgaria / AGIB /.

Sofia, 34 Alabin Str

Е-mail: pr@btagi.org

Macedonian Sports Betting Association (MSBA) aims to promote thegambling industry, develop and promote global and modern standardsof gambling, educate players in betting by organizing variousactivities on the necessity of respecting and enforcing the lawsand rules of gambling in a betting shop, improvement and promotionof legal and by-law provisions in the field of games of chance ina betting shop, advice and education of players in a betting shopfor the exercise of their rights during games of chance in abetting shop, improvement of the quality of services provided bygame organizers at betting house luck and promotion of bettinghouse games of chance in RSM.

The association of organizers of games of chance „AGOS“ is unique, non-profit organization founded with the goal of improving business, creating a more favourable economic environment and more efficient cooperation on the market of the Republic of Serbia in general.

Our association especially emphasises transparent and continued communication at all levels. Primarily, informing relevant state institutions about results and difficulties in business activities, so the information can be further used to make incentives in the area of current economy and development policy, and protect the interests of the members of the association.

The most important values of each Association member are legality of business and high level of social responsibility. Our common mission is spreading awareness and educating about responsible approach to gambling and preventing addiction.

The European Organization for Gaming Law (EOGL) is Brussels based nonprofit organization which represents gaming and betting operators, licensed and regulated with EU law.

A key objective of the organization is to promote safe, secure and reliable environment in game of chance. Protection of minors, training employees to recognize gambling addiction, underage policy, opportunity to the players to self-exclude etc. are our priorities.

EOGL intention is to provide support to local associations and organizations in the process of adopting the Laws concerning gaming and betting business and to offer expert assistance in negotiating with decision makers in national authorities.

The goal of “Montenegro Bet” is to improve all standards of operating in the area of games of chance in Montenegro, to raise awareness for the necessity of corporate social responsibility and for the Association “Montenegro Bet”, as a reputable partner and collocutor, to cooperate with authorities in the area of normative regulation of the area of games of chance, and all with the view of approaching European standards of operating in all areas.

Our Association’s main activities are:

  • Donating for flooded and affected areas.
  • Organizing the visit and visiting Special Hospital in Belgrade for curing addiction, together with the Public Institution Kakaricka Gora Podgorica. Project title “Sharing regional experiences”.
  • Signing the Protocol on Cooperation between the Association Montenegro Bet and the Public Institution for curing addiction Kakaricka Gora Podgorica. The complete funding of the project “Let games remain games” was done by the Association Montenegro Bet.