Responsible Gaming – legislation and regulation

The main normatiove act in Bulgarian legislation, which regulate the activities of organizers and manufactures in gambling industry and defines their principles and obligations regarding the creation of conditions for responsible gaming, is the Gambling Act. In it are provided restrictions about advertisings of gambling games, the purpose of which is to exclude minors from the potential audience. Also the gambling organizers have the obligation to put on prominent place in the casinos, gambling halls and the rest of his objects warning messages about the risks of gambling addiction and providing information about the options for seeking help if it is available.

And not least, the organizers and manufacturers in the gambling industry on year base must to make mandatory contributions to the state for socially responsible behavior. Contributions, which are transferred to the budget of the Ministry of Youth and Sports through the NRA, and are used to support sports initiatives and projects for youth activities.

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How can the game remain just fun?

This is how:

  • Before you start playing, find out the rules of the game
  • Before you start playing, set a budget and follow it. Don’t borrow money.
  • Set a time before you start the game and stick to it
  • Rest often
  • Don’t chase losses. Accept them as a fee to be paid for the entertainment provided.
  • Stop the game when you spent your budget or when you decide you have won
  • Combine the game with other entertainment
  • Learn about the symptoms of gambling addiction.

Potential risks

Like many other activities, the fun of the game can develop into a behavioural disorder that can be addictive. Here are some of the cues that can help you determine what role the game plays in your life – whether it’s just for fun or there’s a second plan:

I want to play more and more, especially after losing;

It seems to me that when I start winning, it will last forever;

It’s hard for me to stop, even when I promise not to play again;

I’m having financial difficulties because I’m spending my savings to play gambling games;

I play during working hours (in front of the computer), trying to recoup my losses and/or gain more;

Any other activity or hobby that I usually enjoy is starting to become an unwanted obligation.