Online addictions in any form are identified by the Foundation as a risk with potentially dangerous long-term impacts on society. For this reason, we have established a sustainable partnership with the “Sport in Bulgaria” Foundation, which supports physical activity by promoting an active lifestyle, understood as the development of sports habits and culture among young or active individuals. Our goal is to expand similar partnerships and initiatives with individuals and organizations serving as examples of behavior.

The Foundation’s commitment to achieving results in preventing the development of online gaming and gambling addiction, as well as building healthy habits among users, is directed towards the industry and the wider public.

The Responsible Gaming Foundation inherits the goals and activities of the “Responsible Gaming” initiative from 2008, initiated by the Bulgarian Trade Association of Producers and Organizers in the Gaming Industry (BTAPOGI), currently the Association of the Gaming Industry in Bulgaria (AGIB). The Foundation actively advocates and promotes the principles of socially responsible policies and practices in the industry.

In our effort to promote responsible gaming and prevent addiction, we value the role of sports and music in our lives. Sports contribute to and build physical well-being, teamwork, discipline, and a sense of achievement. Whether on the field, court, or stage, people can find a space for self-expression, stress relief, and social connection. Playing musical instruments not only awakens creative impulses but also enhances cognitive abilities.

These activities offer healthy alternatives to excessive online activities and gaming, enriching life with the joy of physical activity and artistic expression. We will work towards encouraging research on these possibilities as a chance for positive expression of personal and societal energy and passions, contributing to a balanced and fulfilling life.