Taking risks is a part of our lifes and playing online games and sports betting is just one example of such risk-taking.

We are motivated to take such tempered risks by the feelings elicited during the event and in particular when we win.

When playing whether it’s online slots or sports events it’s important to remind ourselves that we do so for entertainment. In order not to lose sight of this all gaming providers nowadays are taking care of their players by implementing responsible gambling programs which can prevent the development of any compulsive behaviour of their customers. It should be a conscious effort to teach customers to protect and respect their limits in terms of money and time spent on games, thus preserving the entertainment factor of the game.

At the end of April 2022 one of the biggest sites for online slots and sports betting in Bulgaria Palms Bet has launched a campaign called Responsible Gaming, reminding players of the importance of playing for entertainment.

On their play responsibly page, there is some useful information and “advice” section, giving tips on gambling in moderation, and advice if this is no longer the case. There are also contacts of one NGO specialized with addictions if you need further help or advice. There is also a free helpline number which is available 24/7 for problem gamblers, or anyone that is dealing with someone that is.

Responsible gambling is also the subject behind the TV and digital campaign for Palms Bet. The campaign sees one professional boxer, supported by Palms Bet as a part of their sports caring politics, as a “sportsmanship hero“ who uses his experience and charisma to stress out the importance of responsible gaming.

We are delighted to have a real sports professional on board to help us educate our players about responsible game play. Moderation is essential, and with this campaign we like to share this important message across”, the marketing team of Palms Bet says.

Author: Dannie Nikolova, PalmsBet, 27.05.2022