Как се лекува хазартна зависимост

Gambling is an extremely popular form of entertainment for a lot of people around the world. Everyone can enjoy it, as long as he follows some reasonable boundaries. This article suggests very practical suggestions from Responsible Gaming Foundation, which users should follow in order to practice responsible gaming.

Choose only licensed operators

It is very important to use only licensed operators that guarantee you security and reliability. There are a lot of risks involving unlicensed operators, regarding your personal data. Before choosing an operator, check whether the brand has a license on the National Revenue Agency website.

You can check a list of the licensed operators here.

You can check a list of the unlicensed operators here.

Set a money limit

It is important to set a budget and stick to it because it is hard to pay attention to how much money you spend during the heat of the game. Don’t allow yourself to gamble with money that is intended for groceries and rent. It is also wrong to expect that by continuing the game you will return the money you have already gambled. Often, this leads to larger losses.

Limit the time you spend gambling

The same way you have to set a money limit, you have to set a time limit before every game. After you do so, make sure to follow it, whether you win or lose.

Remember – gambling is just for fun

When the fun ends, you need to stop. Gambling is a form of entertainment you need to approach the same way as going to an amusement park – you pay, and you receive an experience that does not guarantee profit. If, at any point during the game, you start to feel more stress than enjoyment – it is time to stop playing. Strong negative emotions may cause you to act irresponsible.

Don’t be too superstitious

It is common for everyone to have a favourite game, lucky table, or favoured number. But don’t forget that gambling is entirely generated by luck and possibility, which are never guaranteed. If you have a bad series, it is best to stop and not hope that you will return what you have gambled, even if you are sitting in the luckiest spot at the casino.

Add different activities for your leisure time

Make sure that your free time is not entirely occupied with gambling. Ensure that you will make time to meet a friend, attend a family gathering, watch some series or take a walk in the park. There are many ways to have fun, and gambling is just one of them.

Don’t borrow money and don’t use credit card for bets

Play only with money that you can afford to lose. Keep in mind that gambling is not a way to pay off debts and get rich easily, but a form of entertainment. If you start borrowing money or using a credit card for gambling, immediately share this with your family and friends and search for help.

You can contact the National Information Line of Association “Solidarnost” at 0 888 99 18 66 and seek help and advice on how to quit gambling and to find out how to treat gambling addiction.

Following these steps would help each user turn the game into entertainment and protect himself from the risks of gambling addiction.