The organisers of gambling games should not allow employees who are on the register for vulnerable people in their casinos and gambling halls, commented from the National Revenue Agency. In case of non-compliance with the law, The Gambling Act predicts a penalty between BGN 5,000 and BGN 20,000.

The announcement comes after dozens of inquiries to the NRA about the possibility of a person signed into the register under Article 10, para. 3 of the Gambling Act entering employment relations with organizers of gambling games. The Agency specifies that when determining the requirements for occupying positions in gambling halls and casinos, the employer should comply with the norm of art. 45, para. 2 of the Gambling Act.

According to the Gambling Act, people who want to be signed into the Register can choose a specific period for which their access to gambling services will be restricted, but it cannot be shorter than two years. The Act allows untimely deletion from the Register, as for the purpose the person needs to fill out and submit a request to the Executive Director of the NRA.