The initiative “On Focus: Responsible Gaming” is launching in Bulgaria this October.

During the initiative, a number of events aimed at raising awareness of problem gambling behavior will be held, including seminars, webinars, meetings with psychologists and experts.
The aim is to promote the policies of reasonable behavior when using the products of the gaming industry; to work towards increasing the culture of users regarding responsible gaming behavior and the level of understanding of responsible gaming.

Speakers from the most authoritative international organizations will take part in the initiative, which for years have been involved in the creation of responsible gaming policies and practices, setting the main trends followed by the industry on a global scale.

The organizations are GameCare, EPIC Risk Management, Ygam, University of Gibraltar.

Each operator can include their representatives in the webinars, as well as attend the events, while promoting on their channels the specially created messages of the initiative, which will be provided to them by the Foundation.

The first webinar will be on October 5th at 1 p.m. on the topic “Fostering a responsible culture in consumers and society”. The speaker is Matt Burgiss from the largest non-governmental organization for responsible gaming – GamCare.

A responsible and united industry will guarantee a good perspective for sustainable development of the sector. When all representatives of the industry promote reasonable behavior together, the resonance in society will be strong enough and will lead to a gradual and effective change of attitudes towards the industry.