The Responsible Gaming Foundation advices

Gambling is a fun experience and another way of having a good time. However, a certain percentage of people who play can become addicted to gambling and that could cause some problems and to decrease their quality of life.

That’s why all licensed gaming operators invest so much of their time, efforts and money in responsible gaming and in good practices for early prevention and treatment of addiction problems. In fact, this is one of the main priorities of Responsible Gaming Foundation which was founded in 2015.

It is important to say that gambling is not always addictive. Some people which due to official statistics are less than 4% of those who play, has such problem. Responsible Gaming Foundation has a team of professionals who can help to those who are addicted.

What are good practices for responsible gaming?

  • Explain which is a propriate and realistic gambling behavior;
  • Educate gaming facility employees how to recognize the customers with gambling problems and to the customers itself – how gambling works, including information about random number generator;
  • Encourage the gamblers to play safe and to set limits and budget;
  • Inform the customers about all signs for gambling problems;
  • Increase the information about all self-control and self-exclusion tools;
  • Encourage the customers to search for help and support from Responsible Gaming Foundation in case of a problem.

The Responsible Gaming Foundation’s recommendations for good practices to follow:

  • Set up time limit for play and stick to it;
  • Set up money limit and always stick to it;
  • Bet just for fun;
  • Accept loss as a part of the game;
  • Don’t borrow money for gambling;
  • Don’t let the gambling to harm your relationship with family, friends or work;
  • Don’t gamble to give back your losses;
  • Don’t gamble to cope with emotional of physical pain.

The Responsible Gaming Foundation advices:

  • Only gamble with the licensed gambling operators who have all the needed instruments for responsible gaming among which are time or money limits;
  • Control your emotions and know when to stop. When you are stressed or worried you make impulsive decisions. And those is a really bad situation when it comes to gambling;
  • Don’t compromise your judgement – always carefully consider your next step.

Online and land-based gaming operators invest a lot in gambling addiction prevention and such organizations like Responsible Gaming Foundation are doing the best they can to support people with gambling problems by referring them to relevant professionals and programs. For more information go to